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21 December 2020 - 19:42    Stampa la notizia: Impronte digitali has changed!

Notizie Impronte digitali has changed!

Explore the digitized collections of the University Library System

Impronte digitali has changed! It is no longer just a search interface, but an environment for access to the digitized resources and collections of the Library System of the University of Florence. On the  Impronte digitali digitized collections page, you will find an overview of all digitized collections, newly expanded and redesigned.

Digitizations are searchable and accessible on OneSearch and on the National Cultural Internet platform.


In addition to the collections that reproduce and enhance individual library and archival collections, there are some that bring together, in a single virtual collection, similar materials owned by several libraries. The Journals collection contains volumes (and collections) of historical publications present in all libraries; Medical Prescriptions Books and Pharmacopoeias bring together specimens of the Biomedical Library, the Sciences and the Humanities Libraries. The most antique items owned by the Biomedical, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities Libraries are found in the incunabula collection.

They are specific collections, linked to a single person who has prepared or produced the digitized documents (diaries, manuscripts, drawings): the Cocchi Miscellany (Biomedical and Sciences Libraries the Micheli Collection (Sciences Library), the Poggi Collection (Technology Library). The manuscripts of Statutes selected by the Library of Social Sciences or the Milani didactic tables preserved by the Humanities Library also come from a single library.

The Impronte digitali collections also include the digitizations of material owned by our libraries that have become part of important external projects, such as the Biology Books of the BHL project and the letters addressed to Philip Barker Webb in the Humboldt project.


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