Databases: searching in the native interface

Why use the native interface to query databases

  • Many databases are integrated into OneSearch and thus are queried automatically when doing a discovery search, while others are not integrated and can only be queried from the native interface, i.e., on the database publisher/distributor's platform.
  • In addition, the databases' native interface often offers additional search options, not present in OneSearch, that allow you to perform more precise searches. Therefore, it can be useful to use the native interface also to query the databases integrated in OneSearch.

How to access the native interface of a database 

  • If you know the title of the database, you can search directly in OneSearch
  • Alternatively, by clicking on the link "Databases" present on all OneSearch search pages (top menu), you can search the database by title, scrolling through the alphabetical list or by discipline
  • At this point, by clicking either on the title or on the"Online access" link, an info page opens containing the access link (it is found in the "View" section, preceded by the label"Resource available at").   For a more detailed explanation of the various steps, see the lesson on databases  curated by the Engineering Library

How to access the native interface of a database

  • Each interface has different search features, although the basic functionality is similar (simple search, by fields, by scrolling, use of Boolean operators, etc.).  You can find an introduction to these topics in the lesson “The Search Tools” (in Italian) curated by the Social Sciences Library.
  • In addition, within the information page of the database, in the "View" section (under the access link), you can access tutorials explaining how to search in that specific database if available.
  • Finally, databases can be accompanied by an internal guide or help.

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