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Dynamic display of Sciences Library magazines with a quarterly issue. Four subscription journals are presented in each issue with information on the contents and profile of the journal. It complements and dives deep into the Electronic Journal Shelf by the Library.
Pier Antonio Micheli
"Pier Antonio Micheli. From Excursions to Manuscripts"
Catalogue and bibliography of the eponymous virtual exhibition dedicated to the manuscripts of Pier Antonio Micheli held in the Sciences Library, Botany Branch, already known to specialists and also consulted as a key to access the Micheli-Targioni Herbarium, preserved in the Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence.
Raddi's archive
Giuseppe Raddi’s archive in the Botany Library
Paper given at the International Conference 1817-2017. Bicentennial of Giuseppe Raddi’s journey to Brazil: Bicentenary of Giuseppe Raddi’s journey to Brazil, Florence, October 5, 2017.
The book’s dress
The book’s dress 
Catalogue of the Sciences Library’s exhibition of fine bindings. A selection of 25 specimens from the Library’s various locations illustrates different bindings related to important historical collections, such as the Palatine Library or private libraries.
Italian scientists
Italian scientists between the Risorgimento and Unification
A brief guide to the virtual exhibition, set up by the Sciences Library.


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