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ANDU (National Association of University Teachers)

ANDU (Associazione Nazionale Docenti Universitari) was established in April 1968.

The archives, which were received at the Social Sciences Library in January 2016, contain the documents produced by the association (reports andproceedings of conferences, national and branch Managers Meetings, newsletters to shareholders, materials relating to the discussions of draft laws concerning university education), plus other documents preceding its establishment (1965-1967) and rare documents dating back to 1972, when they were merged into CNU (National University Committee).

Of particular interest is the correspondence of the President, Giorgio Spini, with associates, members of parliamentary committees, distinghised cultural and political personalities.
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Biagio (Gino) Cerrito

Biagio Cerrito, aka Gino Cerrito, a university professor, was one of the most notable scholars of the history of anarchism and of the origins of the workers' and socialist movement in Italy. The archives, which were received as a gift in 1990, consist of books and documents, mostly in Italian, on the history of the international anarchist and labor movement.

The library core is formed by 1612 monographs and 409 leaflets for a total of 2021 units. These archives have an extraordinary relevance to social studies and history of Italian and foreign political movements. The material is contained in 210 folders with files on several research themes and 7 meters of miscellaneous non ordered items.

Andrea Devoto

Andrea Devoto (Florence 1927-1994), psychiatrist and psychologist, was the director of the mental hospitals Maggiano in Lucca and San Salvi in Florence.

The archives contain typewritten transcripts of interviews with Tuscan survivors of the Nazi concentration camps and documents related to these themes: proceedings of conferences, printed publications, notes and manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photocopies and other materials.

Paolo Frezza

Paolo Frezza (Roccasecca 1906 - Florence 1996) professor of Roman Law in Catania and then Pisa. During the war years he took refuge in Roccasecca and in Rome. After the war he resumed his teaching at the University of Pisa and finally Florence. His numerous writings are devoted especially to the history of public law of ancient Rome, from the publication of his master thesis in 1932 Actio communi dividundo, to the course on the history of Roman law, published in 1954, until the investigation of fides and bona fides in 1991.

The archives contain papers found inside the volumes of his library, mostly miscellaneous and study notes.


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