Prato Campus Library

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Piazza Università, 1 - 59100 Prato · Map
Tel. 0574.602516 - Fax 0574.602509 - E-mail: biblioteca(AT)

Opening Hours

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On Friday 29 March the library will close at 1 pm


The library offers to its users the same services available in all other libraries of the University Library System:


  • Fondo Cironi
    This collection is the result of a project involving various regional libraries, the State Archive and the Committees for the Promotion of Italian Risorgimento values of Prato and Livorno. It contains over 400 volumes on the subject.
  • Fondo Becattini
    Rich and prestigious collection donated by Prof. Giacomo Becattini as well as the collection coming from the former Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Florence
  • Fondo Marzili
    Collection on the topic of Business Economics. 
  • Fondo NABU
    Collection about History and Sociology subjects set up thanks to the donations of the Nabu Literary Agency
  • Fondo Balli
    Collection donated by the family of the actor Umberto Balli in 2012. It contains around 1650 books plus various issues of magazines, some of which from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 250 threatre scripts, performances programmes, etc. In addition there are about 380 DVDs ranging from theatre performances, musicals, operettas, TV series, movies. There are also some quirky or rare volumes and the entire Enciclopedia dello Spettacolo UNEDI curated by Silvio d'Amico, the Enciclopedia Einaudi and the History of MOdern World by Cambridge University Press.
  • Fondo Fioravanti This collection was a personal gift from Prof. Maurizio Fioravanti (cataloguing still in progress). There are about 1000 volumes on the subject of History and Philosophy of Law with special attention to Constitutional Law.
  • Fondo Bertini
    Collection donated by Prof. Fabio Bertini.  There are over 150 volumes on the history of unionism in Europe.
  • Multimedia Kits (not for loan)


Description of the Library

The Library was officially opened in 2002 after an upgrade of the existing reading room into a fully operational library. The project was completed thanks to PIN s.c.r.l., the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato, the Provincia di Prato, the University of Florence and other local institutions.

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The library holdings cater in particular for the Degree Programmes and the Professional Master courses that are taught at the Prato Campus, but it acts also as a point of service for all students of the University of Florence living in the Prato area and holds therefore basic material for all other disciplinary areas. 

Currently the collection counts around 20,000 volumes, 100 journals and 1,500 titles of audiovisual material.

In the library there is also an audiovisual viewing workstation and since 2015 audiovisual material is available for loan.

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