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infolit_logo_color_small_en.gifClasses about library services are offered to all University users. Training is currently held in Italian and ranges from tools and methods for an effective bibliographic search to an overview of available information sources.


For further information such as the calendar and content of the courses, please check the page in Italian.

On Moodle you can also attend Bibing: Bibliographic Search for Engineering adressed to Engineering students. This is the only course in English for the time being, other courses will be soon available… stay tuned!

Below you can find the course’s table of contents, usable in its entirety or by selecting only the topics of interest:

  • Background knowledge: definitions and basic principles
  • OneSearch: the University Library System's discovery tool
  • Databases and other resources: the main sources for academic research
  • The Reference management software: some useful tools for managing bibliographies
  • The University Library System’s main services: an overview

To enrol, log in from the top right with your student number (matricola) and password, and then choose self enrolment. For any needs, or even comments and suggestions, please contact:

You can also take a look at Guides and tutorials.

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