Inter-library loans and document delivery

With this service, internal or authorised users can request

  • books on loan
  • copies of articles or part of books

of items not held by the University Library System. At the same time, the Library System lends books and sends copies of articles and library material to other libraries. 

The service is cost-free in case of exchanges with libraries with which there is a reciprocal agreement, otherwise, you can check here the costs involved for the user or the borrowing library.

The following links and forms are mainly in Italian:

Inter-library loan and document delivery service


  • Office: bibmedicina(AT), tel. 055/2751372 055/2751370, fax 055/2751382
    ACNP Codes: FI036, ISIL: IT-FI0896
  • Access for Careggi Hospital users (in Italian)
  • Access for Meyer Hospital users (in Italian)


  • Anthropology: biantr(AT), tel. 055.2757731/2 - fax 055.2756321 
    ACNP Codes: FI158, ISIL: IT-FI0224
  • Geomineralogy-Botany: geobota(AT), tel. 055.2756787-055.27576785, fax 055/2756321
    ACNP Codes: FI154, ISIL: IT-FI0897
  • Mathematics: biblio(AT), tel. 055.2751445-1446, fax 055.2756321
    ACNP Codes: FI024, ISIL: IT-FI0228
  • Sciences Campus: bibsesto(AT), tel. 055/4572921, fax 055.4574903
    ACNP Codes: FI153, ISIL: IT-FI0598


Social Sciences

The service will be suspended from 31 July to 1 September

  • Internal users office: borrowing.bss(AT)
  • Libraries office: prestito(AT)
    ACNP Codes: FI031, ISIL: IT-FI0898
  • tel. 055.2759849/50/51 - fax 055.2759956


  • Agriculture: illagraria(AT), tel. 055/2755820/819, fax 055/2755822
    ACNP Codes: FI030, ISIL: IT-FI0233
  • Architecture: illarch(AT), tel. 055/2756406, fax 055/2756422
    ACNP Codes: FI028, ISIL: IT-FI0231
    ILL office hours: Mon to Fri 9.00-15.00; Wed also 15.00-18.00
  • Engineering: bibing(AT), tel. 055/4796203-302, fax 055/4796303
    ACNP Codes: FI033, ISIL: IT-FI0230


Internal users office

  • bsflett(AT), tel.: 055/2757809-810; fax 055/2757829, Piazza Brunelleschi, 4 - 50121 Firenze.
  • Interlibrary loan and document delivery service (ILL-DD) is provided at the Humanities Library, which also handles requests for the North American, Psychology, Education and Art History libraries.
  • For pickup and return, contact the Loan Desk in the Humanities Library, Piazza Brunelleschi 4.
    Also active and free of charge is the intra-university loan service with the Sesto Fiorentino Science Campus and the Prato PIN library.

Prato Campus

Office: prestito(AT), tel. 0574.602516, fax 0574.602509

ISIL Code: IT-PO0033

Services provided

They include:

  • the loan of books and supply of copies of journal articles or part of books not held by our libraries;
  • book loans to domestic and international libraries.

They are offered to:

  1. internal users and users from partner institutions  Information (in Italian)
  2. external libraries  Information 


  • no fee is charged when exchanges are between partner libraries.
  • for exchanges with non-partner libraries the services will incur in fees

The services are offered according to the IFLA recommendations regarding international library loans, the Regulations of the University Library System and Services (in Italian), and the internal regulations of each library.

Some of the limitations in particular for antique, rare or restricted materials might derive from specific rules imposed at the time of their donation.

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