Special Collections of the Technology Library

Agriculture Branch


Armando Maugini Collection

Arrived at the library as a gift from the heirs of Armando Maugini in 1985. The collection includes 1,648 inventory units, of which 558 brochures, on agronomic and economic subjects (1900-1970) with special reference to the fascist period and the Italian possessions in Africa (Libya, Somalia, Cyrenaica, etc.). There are also 139 maps of the Italian colonies in Africa, published mainly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IGM, De Agostini in the years 1930 to 1950.

Armando Maugini (Messina, 1889 - Florence, 1975) was director of the Italian Institute for Colonial Agriculture from 1924 to 1964 and from 1933 he was lecturing Tropical Agriculture and Tropical Agricultural Economics at the University of Florence.

Arrigo Serpieri Collection

The collection consists of over 2700 documents, including monographs, abstracts, magazine issues, brochures on financial and agrarian economics, political and social history issues mostly published in the first half of the twentieth century. These constituted the study and work material of Arrigo Serpieri during his years at the Cascine area, where, from 1912, he was director of the National Higher Institute of Forestry, then the Royal Higher Institution of Agricultural and Forestry Studies then Faculty of Agriculture. Serpieri was professor of Economics and Rural Appraisal until 1925, and chair of Agricultural Economics and Policies until 1936 and again from 1947.

2367 works have been already catalogued and the rest of the collection is under completion. Among those there are about 1000 selected pamphlets collected in 43 volumes which are of considerable interest. Many of the documents have dedications, others have accompanying notes in the margins and include the author's handwritten notes, which represent significant testimonials of his career as a scholar and teacher.

Vallombrosa Collection

The collection is made up of the library holdings of the Royal Forestry Institute of Vallombrosa, the first national school of forestry founded in 1869 in the Abbey of Vallombrosa. It later became the National Forestry Institute, and it was transferred in 1913 to its present location at the Cascine University seat, becoming in 1924 the Royal Higher Institute of Agriculture and Forestry. From 1936 it was merged into the Royal University of Florence, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

The collection was originally curated by Adolfo Di Berenger, the first director of the Institute, considered the founding father of Italian forestry science.

It contained several works published in the XVI-XVIII centuries, many brochures and technical and scientific treatises of the German-Austrian and French forestry schools of the nineteenth century. In 1913 the library was moved to the Cascine seat following the relocation of the Institute to form the nucleus of the University Library in its current location.

Architecture Branch

Historical Collection

The historical collection includes about 700 antique and rare books dated before 1901 ordered by format. The collection brings together the antique and historical collections of the former departments, integrating them to the antique and historical collection of Architecture, thus having for the first time the entire historical collection of the Library stored and accessible in a single seat, specially designed for the purpose.

Engineering Collection

I.G.M. Maps (Istituto Geografico Militare)

The library holds about 3,000 geographical and topographical maps, elevations, etc., in various scales, donated by the Military Geographic Institute [1985]. The material, which includes many duplications, is divided by geographical areas and reports any difference in datings.

In good conservation state.

Collegio Ingegneri e Architetti di Firenze (Engineers and Architects's Guild) Collection

About 300 monographs and 31 magazine titles published between the early nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, mainly on mechanical engineering, hydraulics, steam and rail engineering.

Luigi Montefusco Collection

Donated in 2013 and specialized in hydraulic engineering, it consists of about 1200 books and some magazines vintages, published from the nineteenth century until after 2000.

Officine Galileo Collection

Received as a gift by Officine Galileo in 1975, it is composed of more than 1000 monographs, magazines and brochures concerning electricity, electromagnetism, optics and other branches of engineering including the military one. It is largely material published in the first half of the twentieth century but there is also a significant presence of nineteenth-century material.

It also includes an archival collection (in the process of being inventoried) of several thousands of photographic plates and printed photos on technical instrumentation and cartography.


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