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03 November 2021 - 14:51    Stampa la notizia: 3D Human Anatomy Atlas: Trial activated
Biblioteca Biomedica

Notizie 3D Human Anatomy Atlas: Trial activated

A trial subscription for 3D Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas is active until December 2

To access from the Browser


To access via App

If you are accessing through your institution's IP, open the following link from your mobile device's browser <u><wbr>mobile/#en</u>. When the page loads, you will be able to see the apps associated with your Institution's range of IP addresses.

Be sure to turn off your mobile data connection so that the connection can be made through the IP address range of your institution's Wi-fi network.

Instructions for receiving Visible Body app credentials for off-site users:
1. Via your Institutional IP range, or your Institution's proxy server, access  <u><wbr>mobile/#en</u>
2. Click "Are you off campus?"
3. Send your email address, VB will ask you for a verification code,
4. You will immediately receive an email with the verification code
5. Enter the verification code you received by email and click "Submit"
6. At this point you will receive your credentials both on screen and by email
7. On your mobile device click on the VB app link and follow the instructions

Visible Body® 3D human anatomy models make learning and teaching anatomy and physiology more visual and engaging.

Anatomy content is ultra-high definition, developed by an award-winning team of medical illustrators, biomedical visualization experts and animators who belong to the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Provides a comprehensive knowledge of basic human anatomy and physiology, meeting the standards of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society HAPS Learning Objectives.

Below is the short video tutorial introducing the new features of the Human Anatomy Atlas 2021 edition <u></u>

Here is a link to the Visible Body Video-Tutorial in Italian <u><wbr>wkovid/vu?pi=zFezSEaXEz34XBz0</u>

For comments, feedback and clarifications write to <u></u>

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