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28 December 2020 - 16:06    Stampa la notizia: New version of Chartae

Notizie New version of Chartae

The archives portal now collects the archives of the entire University

The new version of Chartae has been published at and has now become the portal for archives of the entire University. The new Chartae allows the exploration of the entire archival heritage of the University, from the Historical Archives to the Libraries, to Villa La Quiete.

The description of the archives is still in progress and at the moment it is visible from the web only a part of the rich patrimony owned and inventoried: four sections of the Central Administration archive of the Historical Archives, sixty-eight aggregated archives preserved in the libraries, three archives of Villa La Quiete.



The new Chartae presents an overhauled layout, a better integration between archive cards and images, and use modes suitable even for non-experienced users. The main novelty consists in highlighting entities (persons, organizations, places, etc.) as the primary access to the heritage, allowing the start of entire navigation paths between documents on the basis of associations between cultural entities and objects or between entities and other entities, and highlighting the dense network of relations that crosses the university’s documentary heritage.

With regard to library archives, the new portal also overcomes the division by area libraries, which up to now constituted the main criterion of access to documents: now you can finally have an overview of all the archives, with the focus on the producers of the material rather than the keepers. In addition, compared to the previous portal, a new archive (School of Social Service) has been published and the descriptions of the Burci Carlo and Villari Pasquale archives have been enriched with new cards. Finally, all previously published records have been reviewed.

A first update of the contents of Chartae is planned as early as February, and the portal will be periodically enriched with new entries.

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