Libraries, back to pre-Covid services

11 September 2020

From 14 September. Access by reservation

From 14 September all the University libraries resume normal opening hours and loans, with few exceptions, return to normal. All the reading rooms and the books they contain are once again accessible, albeit with a reduced number of study places.

To access you need to make a reservation with your student or University credentials.
No need to make reservations for returns (which, deposited in special containers at the entrance, will be subjected to a 48-hour quarantine)

Book your library access

You can book:

  • A seat in a reading room to study in the library
  • An appointment for information and loans services at the loans desk: to pick up borrowed items, request a book for loan, ask information, access the open shelves strictly for the time necessary to get the books you intend to borrow.

Users that have reserved a seat can consult the books in the open shelves and move between  rooms as well as go to the loans desk. Where available, they can use the self check-out machines after having sanitized their hands.  With regards to material in closed stacks, users need to make a request online, as usual, and wait for the email saying that the books are available for pick up.

To access to the libraries all users must wear a face mask which has to be worn correctly during the entire time spent in the library.

We require you to sanitize your hands before touching the books in the open shelves. To this purpose, hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the rooms.

Each library reserves a certain number of places for the consultation of rare and valuable material, degree theses and other non-loanable material. The reservation of these seats is by arrangement via email or through the service Ask a librarian.

The services of document delivery, assistance to users, information and courses are still mainly provided online. To receive assistance for bibliographic searches, use the service Ask a librarian.

To use the PCs in the rooms please sanitizing your hands beforehand.

The total number of available seats is established according to the physical distancing rules of the current anti-contagion regulation.

Behaviour rules in the libraries

  • Face masks must be used at all times and hand sanitation is also mandatory. Sanitizer dispensers are provided throughout the rooms. Keep at least 1 metre distance from other users, avoid gatherings
  • Inside the library and at the workstation, users undertake to wear their own mask correctly. In the interest of the community, library operators have the right to turn away users who do not wear the mask correctly.
  • You must occupy only the seat assigned by the reservation system
  • Taking books from shelves is allowed both for consultation and for borrowing
  • No use of water fountains and vending machines
  • No use of lockers
  • Use of lifts is permitted only to people with disabilities
  • While staying at the workstations, users are to keep their personal items in the space of their own pertinence, without invading the space of other workstations


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