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16 January 2019 - 11:00    Stampa la notizia: Parallel Intersections
Biblioteca di Scienze Tecnologiche

Eventi Parallel Intersections

Exhibition at Architecture

scultura R-evoluzione

Curated by ARCO - Architettura Ricerca Composizione

Scientific Director Gianluca Buoncore


23 January - 15 February 2019 (opening hours: Mon- Fri, 9 am - 6 pm)

VenuePalazzo San Clemente - Via Micheli 2 - Florence

the exhibition is part of the cycle of seminars called Le Archistorie della biblioteca (the "Archistories" of the library): book presentations, experiences, projects... 

The "Archistories" are born as a link and recognition to the teaching and activity of Luca De Silva and they want to represent their ideal continuation.


Opening: Wednesday 23 January 2019, at 4.30 pm

Guest speakers:  

  • Gianluca Buoncore, ARCO's Scientific director 
  • Alessio Biagioli,  Mayor of Calenzano
  • Riccardo Butini, Lecturer at the Department of Architecture (DIDA), University of Florence


The exhibition is the outcome of the workshop Intersezioni Parallele, carried out in Florence from 25 to 27 May 2018.

The workshop is aimed at the design of a temporary exhibition pavilion to host the "R-evolution" sculpture by Enrico Ferrarini. The project moves on a double track, that of art and architecture, and tries to bring the two disciplines together. Space is not conceived as a white box to indiscriminately host interchangeable works, but is born and conforms with the work to be contained. The pavilion must also represent an identity sign for the Lunaria Festival, an urban icon that denounces its presence to the entire city, a three-dimensional and livable urban installation, able to dialogue with the surrounding architectural fabric. The project must, therefore, face and resolve both the exhibition and the communicative, representative and aggregative aspects.

The participants worked three whole days alternating scientific contributions and project development activities. The project is carried out in a traditional way, through the use of manual design and the architectural model as a study, control and final return. Coordinated by Gianluca Buoncore, the participants received the scientific contributions of Fabio Capanni, a professor of architectural design at DIDA, Enrico Ferrarini, sculptor and professor at the AD'A Academy of Art and Simone Barbi, professor of architectural design at the DIDA.


Press Release (in Italian) | Bill poster | Gallery


Information: Technology Library – Architecture ph. 055 275 6400/1 – Via Micheli 2 – Florence

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