SBA safely: safe in the library

For further information see Unifinsieme - Safely together

Activities allowed in the library

As patrons, you can

  • consult the volumes on the open shelves and, for this purpose
  • move around the library as well as going to the counter to borrow books
  • use the PCs in the room after sanitizing your hands

Where available, you may also use the self-loan stations after sanitizing your hands. For documents stored in locked stacks, you always have to submit your request online and wait for the email confirming that your request has been processed.

Each library reserves a certain number of seats for reference of rare and valuable materials, dissertations, and other not-for-loan material. Reservations for these seats are arranged with the library via email or through the Ask a librarian.

The services of providing copies of articles, user support, information, and courses are still provided primarily online. To receive assistance with bibliographic research, you can use the Ask a librarianservice.

Rules of conduct in the libraries

  • It is reccomended to wear a face mask and sanitize your hands with the sanitisers provided in the rooms, keep a distance of at least 1 metre, avoid gatherings
  • Books may be taken from the shelves, consulted at the reserved location or borrowed
  • Use of the lockers is not permitted
  • The use of elevators is allowed only if strictly necessary (one person at time)
  • During your stay at the workstations, you need to keep your personal belongings in your own space, without invading the space of other workstations

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