Milani didactic plates

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Luigi Adriano Milani (Verona, 26 January 1854 - Florence, 9 October 1914), was a philologist, archaeologist, and numismatic. He attended the Institute of Higher Education in Florence where he was a student of eminent scholars such as Girolamo Vitelli and Domenico Comparetti and where he taught Archaeology from 1894.

The teachings of Milani were closely related to his studies and his activity since 1881 at the Archaeological Museum of Florence, where he first served as an adjutor and then as director, and which he extended with the creation of the Topographic Museum of Etruria, opened on 5 May 1897.

Milani, with a great passion for teaching and with an innovative spirit, introduced into the Institute some procedures characteristic of the teaching methods used on the other side of the Alps, such as the use of figurative archaeological apparatuses (with transparencies, photographs, drawings) to favour learning through the direct knowledge of documents. The 136 plates collected here are those that the professor used during his archaeology lessons and constitute a precious apparatus of considerable cultural interest available to scholars.


Corso 1899-1900, Tavola I recto, ritaglio



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