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Fondo Poggi, Edifici annessi al Giardino della GherardescaFondo Poggi, Colonna monumentale

The name of the architect Giuseppe Poggi (1811-1901) is closely linked to the city of Florence. 

His professional activity was concerned not only with the remaking of the borders and scenes of Florence at the time when the city became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy (1865) but also with great works of reorganization and completion of buildings, monumental villas and churches of the Tuscan capital. 

The Archive, which became part of the patrimony of the University of Florence in the second half of the 20th century, is located in the Technology Library - Architecture branch - and documents the works carried out by Giuseppe Poggi for private individuals. It consists of 970 items, mostly drawings, on various means: paper, coloured paper, graph paper, glossy paper, glossy translucent and non-glossy paper, tracing paper, cardboard, copy paper. 

The executive techniques range from black and coloured ink to pencil and watercolour combined with each other. Even the formats vary greatly from cm 15.5x13 up to cm 220x50. Many drawings are difficult to interpret because they represent only architectural elements (mouldings, doors, windows, railings, decorations, etc.) that cannot be traced to a specific project. Others, on the other hand, can be easily described through the numerous autographed notes placed both on the front and on the side of the plates.  

There are other important and substantial archival collections by Giuseppe Poggi and they are preserved in the State Archives of Florence, in the Uffizi Library and in the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape.



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