ILL-DD for Internal and Authorised Users

What can be requested

Articles, books or parts of books not owned by the University libraries, requested by your designated reference library from other Italian or foreign libraries.

For journal articles of items that the library owns in printed form please use the Digitization service. The document will be delivered to you by email free of charge. 

How to request an item

  1. Fill in the request form in Onesearch, available after you log in with your user credentials.
    Inside the databases, the form is available through the icon  pulsante trova@unifi
  2. Ask in person at the loans desk of your designated reference library.

Through your personal profile in OneSearch you can:

  • follow the status of your request
  • cancel your request (if still possible)

Users of the library of the University Campus in Prato (PIN) can receive books or copies of documents from all the other libraries of the University of Florence free of charge; vice versa, at the other libraries of the University of Florence, it is possible to get books or copies of documents held by the Prato branch.

Costs of the service

The service is free of charge if the documents come from the libraries of the University of Florence or local, regional, or national libraries with which specific agreements are in place.

In all other cases, a flat fee will be charged as a contribution to retrieving expenses.

How to pay

The payment can be made by cash or credit card on the Region of Tuscany's IRIS PagoPA system.

Instruction on how to use PagoPA  (*)


The exact amount and payment description will be communicated by the ILL office of the library you made your request. To receive the items requested, you need to show proof of payment.

Teaching staff and researchers can claim the expense in the research funds allocated to them.

Please note

Please make sure that the item you are requesting is NOT available at any of the University libraries by checking ALL catalogues, online and hard copy.

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