Virtual Exhibitions

This section offers an overview of the virtual exhibitions put together by the libraries of the University of Florence both as original events and as virtual spin-offs of physical exhibitions. 

Please note that the virtual exhibitions are in Italian.

archite incontri trasversaliArchi-tè: cross meetings

Nine years of cultural meetings around architecture, art and books, organized by Luca De Silva and his colleagues from the Architecture Library.

Twentieth century art in Aldo Palazzeschi's libraryTwentieth century art in Aldo Palazzeschi's library

The exhibition illustrates Palazzeschi's lively relationship with twentieth-century art, re-proposing and enriching the exhibition organized by the Humanities Library and the «Aldo Palazzeschi» Study Center in 2023.

Dantism in the Institute of Advanced Studies in Florence from 1865 to 1921

On the occasion of the seven hundredth anniversary of Dante's death, it has been created the virtual version of an exhibition set up in 2015.

Teaching antiquity with drawingTeaching antiquity with drawing: Luigi Adriano Milani and Augusto Guido Gatti at the Royal Institute of Higher Studies of Florence

The illustrated tables, so called Tavole Milani, took the name from their creator, they were used as an aid for his archeology lessons.

Clashes of paper and sword Clashes of paper and sword: the duel in an Italy united between history and literature

Saber, sword and pistol duels to defend honor, clashes which in the decades following the unification of Italy, instead of decreasing, increased in Italy and remained present at least until the twenty years of fascism.

The rediscovery of Renaissance architectureArchitecture Toscane: de Montigny and the rediscovery of Renaissance architecture

Presentation of the digitization of the volume Architecture toscane, ou palais, maisons et autres édifices de la Toscane.

Pier Antonio Micheli: from excursions to manuscriptsPier Antonio Micheli: from excursions to manuscripts

The Science Library integrates and expands, with the virtual exhibition, the exhibition set up at Botanica on the work of Pier Antonio Micheli.

China of the Seventies in the photos of Renzo RastrelliChina of the Seventies in the photos of Renzo Rastrelli

Texts and images by Renzo Rastrelli offer new ideas for understanding China in the 70s.

Dutch art and architecture magazineWendingen (1918-1931). Dutch art and architecture magazine

The covers of Wendingen magazine reproduced in full, together with archive documents and a rich collection of articles, create a virtual art gallery of the 1920s and 30s.

Beauty Saved. Florence 1966-2016Beauty Saved. Florence 1966-2016

The sections of the virtual exhibition, thanks to the images and texts of the printed catalogue, reflect the layout of the exhibition which was held at Palazzo Medici Riccardi between 2016 and 2017.

A river of books. The rebirth of the Library of the Faculty of ArchitectureA river of books. The rebirth of the Library of the Faculty of Architecture

Documents on display, before and after the flood, from the historical archives of the University of Florence and from the historical collections of the Architecture Library.

Unexplored treasures. The Libraries of the University of Florence on displayUnexplored treasures. The Libraries of the University of Florence on display

With the exhibition of some particularly representative specimens, the Library System of the University of Florence offers visibility to its precious documentary heritage.

Drawings of a risina: Plates for educational use by Apollonio CiottiDrawings of a "risina": Sheets for educational use by Apollonio Ciotti

Sheets representing the design of a "risina" in Pieve di Cadore, drawn and colored by hand by Apollonio Ciotti in around 1870, and used for teaching Forestry Science and Art in the Forestry Institute of Vallombrosa.

Pier Luigi Nervi: engineering as artPier Luigi Nervi: engineering as art

Contributions to magazines starting from the 1930s to document some of Pier Luigi Nervi's projects, mostly for stadiums, such as the Florentine stadium, the Flaminio in Rome, the municipal one in Novara and others.

Arrigo Serpieri CollectionThe Arrigo Serpieri Collection: a selection of documents

Collection composed of numerous study documents by Serpieri on economic, agricultural, historical, political and social topics, published mainly in the first half of the last century.

Carlo Alfieri di Sostegno and the School of Social Sciences of FlorenceCarlo Alfieri di Sostegno and the School of Social Sciences of Florence

Through the experience of Carlo Alfieri di Sostegno and the testimony of the documents deposited in the Social Sciences Library, the exhibition traces the history of the School.

visit the virtual exhibition Italian scientistsItalian scientists between the Risorgimento and Unity: a short journey through the collections of the Science Library

The exhibition displays a significant number of documents that underline the cultural, political and civil commitment of the Italian scientific community, in a fundamental moment in Italy's history.

Building ItalyBuilding Italy: moments of the unification process in the documents of the Library of Social Sciences, 1861-1896

A selection of documents owned by the Social Sciences Library to testify the difficulties and tasks of the new State following unification.

Darwinian editionsDarwinian editions of the Science Library 150 years after the publication of On the origin of the species

The exhibition displays a careful selection of editions taken from the large Darwinian corpus in the possession of the Science Library, evidence that the Florentine scientific community readily welcomed Darwinian theories and contributed to their diffusion.

The Books of the Studium and thereaboutsThe Books of the Studium and thereabouts

Expanded edition of the 1988 exhibition The Books of the Studium, the exhibition aims to ideally reunite the history of the book collections of the University of Florence - the ancient Florentine Studio, which ceased and then resurrected in the second half of the nineteenth century with the foundation of the Institute of Higher Studies.

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