Documentation Area

The protection of cultural heritage is based on the knowledge of the assets to be protected, their location, their value, the elements that can make a preservation intervention effective in the event of a catastrophe. This area comprehends institutions which have always worked to achieve these purposes, but with the aim, which is more and more urgent, to create the conditions for a better protection of cultural heritage.

The construction of an International Documentation Center on the floods in art cities is one of the main goals in this Area. It will be centered on floods history, with a focus on historical inundation in Tuscany, and in the art cities as well. In collaboration with Accademia dei Lincei, every year an international meeting about that topic will be organized. The first – on November 2014 – will have as main theme the resiliency in art cities. The Documentation Center should be a work-in-progress structure with a year-by-year increase of their international character.
G. Guasti, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale – F. Tagliabue, R. Ciliberti, Biblioteca Umanistica UNIFI- C. Bianca, DILEF, F. Salvestrini, SAGAS – UNIFI

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