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Water to be respected, water as a key element of the proper balance between the environment and human communities. Institutions engaged in this area act in the most part of disciplines that apply to relationships between man and environment in all disciplines, in particular to those that cope with mitigation of hydraulic risk. Referrals: G. Massini, Tuscany Region – E. Paris, F. Castelli, E. Caporali, DICEA-UNIFI – A. Mazzei, Authority Hydro Tuscany – F. Preti, E. Bresci, GESAAF – UNIFI – M. Brugioni, B. Mazzanti , District Authority of Northern Apennines Main activities:

  • The Charter of Florence a document that will be based on results achieved by International Technical Committee and that will try to manage water management and defense from floods of citizens and cultural heritage taking into account cultural, scientific and technical issues.
  • The physical model of the urban path of the Arno , hoped by the International Scientific and Technical Committee in the report on the meeting of 26 to 28 October 2015, as effective tool to reduce flood risk in Florence city
  • Collaborations with the project Resolute (Resolute site)
  • Project “Monitoring of the urban section of the river Arno” – Flow measurements during floods, and measurements of sediment transport, bathymetric survey of the urban section of the river Arno from Varlungo to Signa;
  • Update altitudinal cornerstones (unchanged since 1911), by Military Geographical Institute
  • Conference in Florence 26-27 magg.2016 “The floods of 1966. Today’s floods”
  • Conference at the Academy of the Lincei of “To Florence. The resilience of the art cities to natural disasters “, from 11 to 10/12/2016 All the major Academies of Sciences of the World will be in Rome and make an appeal for the protection of Florence.

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