Access to antique, rare and valuable material

Regulations concerning the consultation of antique, rare and valuable material and the access to historical archives of the University Library System

Decree of the President of the University of Florence DR 22 September 2005, n. 772 (protocol n. 60221)

This is an excerpt of most salient information. For complete regulations please refer to the Italian version.

Article 2 - Restricted access documents

  1. The following items are considered antique, rare and valuable works:
    1. manuscripts and collections of letters
    2. the archives of notable persons and institutions
    3. all hand printed work (by general rule, those published before 1830)
    4. all works, even published after 1830, that are considered rare
    5. editions with autographs of significance
    6. items with valuable bindings or including loose sheets and drawings of particular value

Article 3 - Admission to reading

  1. All users having a direct and institutional relationship with any Italian University are allowed to access the material
  2. Other users are admitted to the reading upon authorization given by the library director

Article 4 - Reading access procedure

  1. User registration - Upon first access users need to fill in a registration form.
  2. Reading report - Data relating to each reading will be logged.
  3. Reading data is then filed in order to verify users' status for subsequent requests.

Article 5 - Loans

Antique, rare and valuable works do not go out on loan. Each individual Library Branch can determine any restrictions on loan availability of their historical archives.

Inter-library loans of said material is restricted. Any exceptions are ruled by IFLA guidelines.

Loans for exhibitions of antique, rare and valuable works or works of art contained in historical archives are ruled by the IFLA guidelines

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