ILL-DD for External Libraries

In September 2015 the University Library System has signed the Agreement SBA - ICCU, and is now part of the National Library System of Inter-Library Loans and Document Delivery. (ILL-SBN).

How to verify if the material is for loan

Before submitting requests, we recommend that users check carefully on OneSearch all information relating to the circulation of the volumes they wish to request.

In order to check if the items are eligible for loan, libraries must log in to OneSearch with these credentials: user: BIBLIO - password: biblio2017 (select external user).

How to submit requests

  • via ILL-SBN for libraries that are part of this network
  • via Nilde or LirOnline for libraries which are not part of ILL-SBN network
  • if the library does not belong to either networks, please fill the online form or by simple email to the library holding the document needed.

Before submitting the request please check carefully in the online catalogue all information regarding  the availability for loans of the desired items.

Costs of the service

The service is free of charge for the libraries with which there is an agreement; in all other cases please refer to the price list.

Prices are indicative only. The exact amount will be communicated by the library staff at the time the documents are ready for delivery.

How to pay

  • For external libraries and non-public institutions: by credit card using the PagoPA system.
  • By IFLA voucher, with previous arrangement with the library. 
  • The payment description will be specified together with the lending library's exact amount when the documents are ready for delivery. To activate delivery, the receipt of payment must be produced.

Mode of delivery

Books are sent by postal service or private courier.

Copies can be supplied in digital format, sent by mail or by fax.

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