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OneSearch is the new interface allowing to search books, journals, articles, e-books, digital resources physically stored in the libraries or online, open-access or by subscription, coming from various sources, such as catalogues, open-access archives, publishers' platforms, databases.

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Access e-journals, e-books, subscribed databases using the University Proxy server

Fondi archivistici


The libraries hold several archives produced by scientists, scholars or other institutions. These collections are described in the portal Chartae.
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Collezioni digitalizzate

Collections in digital format

Impronte Digitali is one of the outcomes of the project Digitalization of library services. It has the dual purpose to contribute to the dissemination of the University libraries' cultural heritage, thus guaranteeing online access to a selection of rare and prestigious items, and at the same time to preserve the original documents.
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Tesi di laurea e di dottorato

Doctoral and graduate theses

Print format graduate theses are held by the libraries, whereas digital format ones and doctoral theses can be accessed on-line.
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Fondi speciali e di pregio

Special collections

The libraries hold several collections that include rare and antique items.
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FloRE: Repository Istituzionale dell'Università di Firenze

FloRe (Florence Research)

Search the outcomes of the research activity carried out by the University.
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