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Director: Gianni Galeota - gianni.galeota(AT)

The Sciences Library consists of several branch libraries connected to the School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences in various locations across the Florentine metropolitan area.

Each branch library has different opening hours; please check the respective homepages for detailed info.

The library's bibliographic heritage amounts to 147,400 books, with 6 open subscriptions to e-book series and 8,724 journals, 1,045 of which have an standing subscription. Most of the journals are now available in digital format.

There are also 23 archives, 18 collections and 24 miscellanea, described in: Archives and special collections of the Sciences Library (translation in English in progress).

Some of the collections are held at the Galileo Museum: search on the Catalogue Science Collection

Most of the material is on OneSearch catalogue. For older items it may be necessary to search the card catalogue.

The scientific approach of the collections and the purchasing policy are ruled by the Library Committee (in italian). 

See also Regulations of the University Library System and Services (in italian).

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