Geography and North American Branch Library

Via San Gallo, 10 (Palazzo Fenzi) - 50121 Firenze - E-mail: biblet(AT)

The loan service is carried out at the Humanities Library


The Geography and North American branch library houses the collections supporting Geographic Studies and American Studies subjects.

The collection of the Geography branch library came from the former Geography Cabinet, set up in 1883, and from the Society for geographic and colonial studies founded by Giovanni Marinelli. The Fondo Marinelli is a precious collection of texts and maps, set up by Giovanni and his son Olinto, that initially belonged to the National Library in Florence and then it was given as a permanent deposit to the Geography branch library.  

The original collection of the North American branch library came from the library of the American Consulate in Florence, donated by the governement of the US to the Faculty of Education in 1964. Its contents focus on American history, literature and society. 


Reading and Loans

In order to borrow or read the material it is necessary to ask at the Humanities Library Loan Desk.

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