Social Sciences Library

Address & Contacts

Via delle Pandette, 2 - 50127 Firenze · Map
Tel. 055.2759879 - E-mail: scienzesociali(AT)
Loan service: 055.2759826/7 - bssloan(AT)
Interlibrary loan: prestito(AT)

Opening Hours

8.30am-11.30pm (services until 7pm) 8.30am-7pm8.30am-11.30pm (services until 7pm) 8.30am-7pm 8.30am-11.30pm (services until 7pm) 8.30am-1.30pm

(scorri a destra)

Director: Lucilla Conigliello - lucilla.conigliello(AT)


The Social Sciences Library, set up in 1999 and originally made up of 7 libraries, opened in 2004 in its new location in the Novoli Campus. It serves the areas of Economics, Law, Sociology and Politics.

The library owns a  collection of about 900,000 volumes located for the most part on 16 Km of open shelves. There are also numerous works in digital format that are accessible online, and a journals and periodicals library. The library also hosts the European Documentation Centre (in Italian).

The library offers about 1000 seats, special purpose rooms and a lecture room. Guided tours, events and work placement services in collaboration with other institutions are also part of the library's activities.

Decorating the walls are some large format painted canvasses from La Tinaia atelier.

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