Services for users with disabilities

The libraries provide a number of services to facilitate the use of library resources for users with disabilities.

Home-delivered library loans

Students with physical disabilities can borrow books directly from home without coming to the library.

How it works:

  • Use OneSearch to locate the library that holds the materials you need
  • If the books are available for loan, you can call the library directly to arrange the loan
  • In every library there are staff to assist in searching and placing a hold on the books needed
  • The materials will be delivered  by courier to the address indicated by the student
  • At the end of the loan term the student will call the library either to renew the loan or to arrange for pick up of the borrowed items

Who can use it

All users with a long-term or temporary physical disability, can use the service. Those who have not already submitted to the University their disability certificate can use this self-declaration form and send it to the library of choice.

The service is offered free of charge.

Audiobooks loan service

The centre for the spoken book (Centro del Libro Parlato - via A. Nicolodi 2, Firenze tel. 055 5520752) offers free loan of audiobooks recorded on a CD to anyone with reading difficulties.

The catalogue counts over 14,000 titles and is available on the web

Audiobooks can be borrowed and returned from home (max 5 items at a time, for a maximum of 5 months) using the post free of charge or through the university libraries.

Students with reading difficulties can ask for books to be read aloud. The books can be those held in the university libraries or any other library in the Florentine metropolitan area catalogue SDIAF.

For more information: 055 2756702, E-mail nessunoescluso(AT)

Loan by proxy

It is possible to borrow books by delegating another person. The delegated person needs to have with them: 

  • a written proxy;
  • a photocopy of the student's ID or academic record booklet (libretto universitario);
  • their own ID.

Tools available for blind, vision-impaired and dyslexic students

All tools listed below can be used free of charge by the students during the opening hours of the libraries.

Library Tools Contact persons
Largo Brambilla 3 - Firenze

1 NVDA position
1 Leggilibro (read-aloud book reader)

2 Videoenlargers
1 Portable Videoenlarger

Monia Marcacci
(tel. 0552751370)
Via La Pira 4 - Firenze

1 Jaws position

1 Big Keyboard

Francesca Cagnani (tel. 055 2757534)
Science Campus
Via G. Bernardini 6 - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
1 Jaws position Marzia Fiorini (tel. 055 4572922)
Social Sciences
Via delle Pandette, 2 - Firenze
(Novoli Social Sciences Campus)

1 Jaws position
1 Leggilibro (read-aloud book reader)

1 Videoenlarger
1 Portable Videoenlarger

3 Big Keyboard

Susanna Gianfrancesco
Pier Paola Vivani
(tel. 055 2759010)
Via S. Marta 3 - Firenze
1 Jaws position

Stefania Frateschi (tel. 0552756401)
Anna Bicchielli (tel. 055 2758962)

Piazza Brunelleschi 4

1 Jaws position

1 Leggilibro (read-aloud book reader)

Carla Milloschi
(tel. 055 2757811)
Via Laura 48
1 Jaws position Paola Postiglione
(tel. 055 2756051)
Via S. Salvi, 12 - Padiglione 26
1 Jaws position Manuela Carmignani 
(tel. 055 2757805)
Prato Campus
Piazza Ciardi 25 - Prato
1 Jaws position
1 Leggilibro (read-aloud book reader)
Simone Berti
(tel. 0574 602516)


"Regina Margherita" library for the Blind

As of November 2015 a new agreement has been signed with Biblioteca Italiana per i Ciechi "Regina Margherita" (Italian Library for the Blind) to provide books in digital format to students with impaired vision enrolled at the University of Florence and to access the text adaptation services offered by the  "Regina Margherita" library.  For more information, please write to: cb(AT)

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