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Archive of the aids 1966

After the flood in Florence, the first case of international solidarity was the result of a catastrophe.

Unfortunately, in these fifty years catastrophes and acts of solidarity have been repeated in the face of increasingly frequent and dramatic events in their effects.

Solidarity with Florence, however, remains emblematic of a need for sharing that alone can help us in times of crisis and emergency. It therefore emerges the need to document the events of 1966 and subsequent years systematically and systematically, recalling the national aid that allowed the populations affected to survive in the coming weeks (water, food etc) and international aid in the emergency as well in the following years especially for the restoration of flooded artworks.

CEDAF will cover the documentation of national and international aid For the reconstruction of these events it is open and indeed everyone's contribution is called for to guarantee as complete and organized scientific documentation as possible.

last update: 02-May-2018


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