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Photocopies and reproductions

Photocopies and reproductions

Pin and Print is the print and photocopying service implemented throughout the Universities of Florence, Siena and PIsa.

The service allows you to:

  • photocopy
  • print from a USB pen-drive
  • print from the libraries' computers (see print flow) from which you can set b/w or colour, double sided, format, multiple pages and page selection.
  • print from your computer, smartphone or tablet all documents uploaded on the platform and pre-set with the settings you want
  • scan documents and save them on a USB pen-drive

How to access the service

To obtain your PIN and access the services, you need to register on the following website

You need your PIN to:

  • log into the photocopying machines' display to access all functions
  • top up your credit

How to top up your credit

To top up the virtual wallet associated with your PIN you can use either of the following methods:

For more details check the brochure, le user instructions (in Italian) and the costs

Location of multifunction photocopying machines

Service point


Top-up machine

B/W machine

Colour machine

Biomedical LIbrary Largo Brambilla, 3 – Padiglione 5 1 1 1
Morgagni Campus Viale Morgagni, 44     1
Anthropology Library Via del Proconsolo, 12   1  
Botany Library Via La Pira, 4   1  
SWciences Campus Library Block Via G. Bernardini, 6 (Sesto 1 2  
Architecture Library Via Micheli, 2  1 2 1
Engineering Library Via Santa Marta, 3 1 3 1
HUmanities Library Piazza Brunelleschi, 4 1 10 (di cui  1 per disabili) 3
Education Library Via Laura, 48 1 5  
Alfani Computer Room Via degli Alfani, 39/a (open until 11 pm)   1  
Psychology Library Via San Salvi, 12 1 2 (di cui 1 per disabili)  
Psychology Lecture Rooms Block Via della Torretta, 16   1  
Art History Library Via della Pergola, 56   2  
Philosophy Library Via Bolognese, 52   2  
Social Sciences Library Via delle Pandette, 2  1 24 (di cui 1 per disabili)  
Novoli Campus bldg. D4 Via delle Pandette, 2   1  
Novoli Campus bldg. D5 Via delle Pandette, 2   1  
Novoli Campus bldg.. D6 Via delle Pandette, 2   1  

Photocopying service where  Pin and Print is not active


Photocopiers are located on the ground floor of the school. Magnetic cards are supplied by a vending machine.


Please use the Pin and Print service available at the Botany branch.


Prepaid copy card available for purchase at the Ulisse Dini Department Concierge, only in the morning: Eur 5 for 160 photocopies. You can use the Pin and Print service at the nearby Biomedical Library.

last update: 29-Aug-2019
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