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Loans, reading, renewals and reservations

Loans, reading, renewals and reservations

To search for a document and all related information OneSearch is your one-stop tool. For some documents dating before the late 1980s it may be necessary to search the card catalogues in each library. For all material not held by the libraries an inter-library loan service (ILL-DD) is offered.

All reading and loan services are regulated by each library's rules and regulations which are available on dedicated web pages. To find out the availability for loan or other information on the library material you need to log in with your credentials.


In general all books published after 1915 are allowed for loan, with a few exceptions (i.e. volumes held in reference sections, dictionaries, handbooks, etc.)

To be able to borrow, users need to have a library card (students use their student card) or, alternatively, a valid ID. The library card is also necessary to access the Social Sciences (Novoli) and Humanities (Brunelleschi) library premises.

In the libraries listed below there are now Self Check machines where users can check out, return and renew their loans: 

Users can check their borrowers' status online through the OneSearch window, under My profile. Log in using your personal access codes issued at the time of registration.

Reading rooms

On-site reading is generally available for all items in the libraries collections irrespectively of the format  (books, CDs, DVDs...). Restrictions may apply to the following:

Book reservations

It is possible to place a reservation on a book that is out on loan to another user. The reservation has a duration of 3 days starting from the day after the book has been returned.

book request window

To place a reservation click on the link "Request" appearing on OneSearch, or go to the loan desk of the library.

An automated email will be sent to the user's personal email once the book has been returned by the previous user and is ready for collection.


Loans renewals

Loan renewals can be done online, in the My profile area, at the loans desk or by phone. Renewals must be made before the loan's expiry date and are available only if the item has not been reserved.

Late returns

Late returns will incur in suspension from borrowing for a number of days equal to the days the loan is outstanding. The suspension is automatically calculated by the system. If more than one item is outstanding, the suspension period will be the sum of overdue days for all items.

last update: 08-Apr-2019
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