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Humanities Library

Homepage of the Humanities Library

Library branches

Director: Floriana Tagliabue - floriana.tagliabue(AT) 

The Humanities Library of the University of Florence is one of the most important library in this field at European level both for the quality and quantity of its collections. It holds 1.5 million volumes and several electronic resources (databases, journals, ebooks).

The main office of the library is in piazza Brunelleschi, which is also the location of the Humanities branch library that houses most of the collection. The collection is particularly relevant and precious because of the rare editions of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, private collections and archives of famous scholars of the 1800s and 1900s; some of them were teachers of the former Institute of Higher Studies and the Faculty of Humanities, such as Villari, Comparetti, Papini, Palazzeschi, Borgese. 

The Humanities Library offers many services and initiatives supporting study and research, as well as events aiming to showcase its collection.

The library organises tours (in Italian) to introduce users to its collections and services.

The library hosts the Centro Studi Jorge Eielson (in Italian) and its collection of Italian and Latin-American art and literature books.

Since 2012 the Humanities Library houses also the Biblioteca Luigi Crocetti.


last update: 13-Mar-2020
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