Authority Control International Conference: Definition and International Experiences


February 10

Chairman: Paolo Giovannini (UniversitÓ di Firenze)
9:30 Welcome to participants
Augusto Marinelli (President of the University of Florence)
Paolo Marrassini (Dean of Faculty of Italian literature and philosophy)
Mariella Zoppi (Councillor responsible for Culture of the Tuscany Regional Administration)
Igino Poggiali (President of Italian Library Association - AIB)
Welcome to participants
Francesco Sicilia (Director General for Libraries and Cultural Institutes at the Ministry for Cultural Heritage)
10:00 Mauro Guerrini (UniversitÓ di Firenze)
Introductory remarks
10:15 Michael Gorman (California State University, Fresno, Calif.)
Authority control in the context of bibliographic control in the electronic environment
11:00 Break

Session I: State of the art and new theoretical perspectives

The session's aim is to discuss how the concept of authority control has evolved, to assess new theoretical perspectives made easier by the evolution of informatics applied to cataloguing, as well as to offer an overview of IFLA's role.

Chairman: Luciano Scala (ICCU)
11:30 Barbara Tillett (The Library of Congress)
Authority control: state of the art and new perspectives
12:15 Arlene Taylor (University of Pittsburg)
Teaching authority control
12:45 Cristina Magliano (ICCU)
Guidelines and methodology for the creation of the SBN authority file
13:15 Break

Session II: Standard, exchange formats, metadata

The session aims to present international standards in the field of authority control, projects linked to the implementation of authority data exchange formats, and metadata schema for the control of access points to digital documents.

Chairman: Antonia Ida Fontana (Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze)
14:30 Gloria Cerbai (Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze)
Italian National Bibliography (BNI) and access point control
15:00 Marie-France Plassard (IFLA UBCIM Programme)
IFLA and authority control
15:30 Glenn Patton (OCLC)
FRANAR: a conceptual model for authority data
16:00 Break
16:30 JosÚ Luis Borbinha (National Library of Portugal)
Authority control in the world of metadata
17:00 Pino Buizza (Biblioteca Queriniana, Brescia)
Bibliographic control and authority control from Paris Principles to the present
17:30 Alberto Petrucciani (UniversitÓ di Pisa)
The other half of cataloguing: new models and perspectives for the control of authors and works
18:00 Open debate

February 11

Session III: Authority control for names

The session's aim is to offer an overview of activities and procedures for creation and maintenance of name authority databases within a context increasingly distinguished by the need to exchange and share authority information across cultural, linguistic and formal boundaries.

Chairman: Antonio Romiti (UniversitÓ di Firenze)
9:30 Stefano Vitali (Archivio di Stato di Firenze)
Authority control of creators and the second edition of ISAAR(CPF), International standard archival authority record for corporate bodies, persons, and families
10:00 Daniel Pitti (University of Virginia)
Encoded Archival Context (EAC)
10:30 Jutta Weber (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz)
LEAF Project
11:00 Break
11:30 John Byrum (The Library of Congress)
NACO: a cooperative model for building and maintaining a shared name authority database
12:00 Eisuke Naito (Toyo University)
Names of the Far East: Japanese, Chinese, and Korean authority control
12:30 Lorenzo Baldacchini (UniversitÓ di Bologna)
Authority control of publishers and printers
13:00 Open debate

Session IV: Authority control for subject

The session offers an overview of the wide and complex nature of subject authority control in one-language and multilanguage contexts at both national and international level, it shows the most significant and innovative developments in the field.

Chairman: Marco Santoro (UniversitÓ di Roma La Sapienza)
14:30 Ana Cristßn (The Library of Congress)
Subject gateways and SACO [slides]
15:00 Genevieve Clavel-Merrin (Biblioteca nazionale svizzera)
MACS (Multilingual Access to Subject): a virtual authority file across languages
15:30 Break
16:00 Rebecca Dean (OCLC)
FAST Project
16:30 Anna Lucarelli (Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze)
Semantic authority control and new Soggettario
17:00 Stefano Tartaglia (AIB - Gruppo Gris)
Authority control and subject indexing languages
17:30 Maria Lucia Di Geso (ICCU)
Indexing in SBN
18:00 Open debate

February 12

Session V: Authority control experiences and projects

This session aims at creating an opportunity for updating and exchanging opinions in the Italian and international library community. Some projects developed within libraries or similar environments aimed at making authority control easier and more effective will be presented. Special attention is paid to implementations by national cataloging agencies concerning creation, maintenance, and dissemination of authority data.

Chairman: Giovanni Bergamin (Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze)
9:30 Claudia Leoncini (ICCU)
The authority control activities in EDIT16 relating to authors, titles, printers, devices and places
9:45 Massimo Menna (ICCU)
The Manus Project: problems of authority control in the cataloguing of manuscripts
10:00 Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Federica Riva (IAML)
Authority control in the field of the music: names and titles
10:20 Claudia Fabian (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)
The CERL thesaurus file
10:40 Break
11:00 Gabriele Messmer (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)
The German Name Authority File (PND) in the Bavarian Union Catalogue: principles, experiences, and costs
11:20 Andrew MacEwan (The British Library)
Project InterParty: from library authority files to e-commerce
11:50 Sherry Vellucci (St. John's University)
The commercial services for providing authority control
12:20 Lucia Sardo (UniversitÓ di Udine)
Multiple names
12:40 Open debate
13:00 Break

Chairman: Attilio Mauro Caproni (UniversitÓ di Udine)
14:30 Maurizio Savoja (Archivio di Stato di Milano), Paul Gabriele Weston (UniversitÓ di Pavia)
Progetto Lombardo Archivi in INternet (PLAIN): identification, retrieval and presentation of creators of records and archives
14:50 Françoise Bourdon (BibliothŔque nationale de France)
Modelling authority data for libraries, archives and museums : an attempt in progress within AFNOR
15:10 Fausto Ruggeri (ABEI)
A first contribution in the field of religion: the ACOLIT Project
15:30 Nadine Boddaert (BibliothŔque nationale de France)
French official corporate bodies of the Ancient Regime (COPAR) and Religious corporate bodies (CORELI): two operations in creating authority records in order to standardize the entries of bibliographic records in BibliothŔque nationale de France retrospective conversion
15:50 Claudia Parmeggiani (Biblioteca Augusta, Perugia)
The authority file project for names relating to Perugia and its surroundings
16:10 Break
16:20 Luciana Sabini (UniversitÓ di Firenze)
Authority control at the University of Florence
16:40 Guido Badalamenti (UniversitÓ di Siena)
Authority control in the academic environment: a Hobson's choice
17:00 Annarita Sans˛ (Senato della Repubblica)
Ancient Italian States: an authority file project
17:20 Patrick Lo (Lingnan University Library - Hong Kong)
Latest Developments Chinese Authority Works in East Asia: An Overview
17:40 Roberto Gamberini - Maria Teresa Donati (Fondazione Franceschini-SISMEL)
The Latin authors in the Middle age: authority list and authority file
17:55 Luigi Crocetti (giÓ Presidente dell'AIB)

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