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The library was set up  in 1913 with the collection coming from the Regio istituto superiore di scienze forestali di Vallombrosa and holds a number of valuable and antique items.

The collection currently consists of about 50,000 volumes, besides all audio-visual material. A great part of the books are held in the various departments of the School of Agriculture.

All material acquired before the 1980s is searchable through card catalogues only.

The library houses the following special collections (links in italian):

In the library you can also find all the graduation theses (in italian) of the School.

The journals collection counts about 1500 titles of which 150 with a standing subscription. Most of the journals are available in digital format only.

For bibliographic research about East Africa (Somalia in particular) you can consult the Ost-Afrika bibliography (in italian).

Reading and Loans

In the main reading room the books are on open shelves and freely accessible.

The Reference section (REFER), located in the first shelf on the left of the reading room, includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, indices and atlases. This material is for reference only.

Journals and audio-visual material are accessible by requesting them to the staff.

To borrow material users need their user card (in italian) or a valid ID.  

Loan term is 30 days (standard loan) and can be extended twice online via My profile area on OneSearch, or by contacting the library staff by phone or email.

Standard loans include:

  • up to 6 books for students;
  • up to 8 books for doctoral students, teaching staff, researchers, technical and admin staff

Books with a black dot near the call number tag are lended for a limited time only (overnight or weekend loans) and must be returned by 11 am of the next or first business day. Overnight and weekend loans have a limit of 4 books.

Reference works, journals, rare and valuable books, graduation theses cannot be borrowed.

Late returns will incur in suspension from borrowing for a number of days equal to the days the loan is outstanding. The suspension is automatically calculated by the system. If more than one item is outstanding, the suspension period will add up the days of all items.

For more information, please check the library Regulations (in italian). 


Loans area and reading room (click to enlarge)

pianta della biblioteca di Agraria


Reference service

  • Monday to Friday during opening hours (8.30 am - 6 pm) or by appointment
  • phone +39 055 2755819 email


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