Technology Library

On-site reading, loans, renewals, reservations at the Technology Library

In all the branches of the Technology Library part of the materials are on open shelves (especially text and set books). Users can freely access these shelves for on-site reading and borrowing.

Audiovisual material (videotapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs) and items in the closed deposits need to be requested to librarians.

Standard loans have a duration of 30 days and can be renewed twice online or calling/emailing the concerned library. It is not possible to renew an item that has been reserved by another user.

Standard loans conditions:

  • Students: up to 6 books for a total of 12 volumes
  • Doctoral candidates, teaching staff, subject specialists, research and grant fellows, tech/admin staff: up to 8 books for a total of 16 volumes.

Reference books, rare and valuable items, graduation theses are not available for off-site loan.

Users must return items by the due date. Late returns will incur in suspension from borrowing for a number of days equal to the days the loan was outstanding. The suspension is automatically calculated by the system.

Students can borrow with their student card or a valid photo ID.

For more information please check the Library Regulations.

last update: 10-May-2016
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