On-site reading, loans, renewals, reservations at the Biomedical Library

For general information please visit the page dedicated to on-site reading and loans

Check if items can be accessed on-site or borrowed on OneSearch.
Users can borrow or read on-site a maximum of 5 volumes at a time.
Late returns will incur in suspension from borrowing for a number of days equal to the days the loan was outstanding. The suspension is automatically calculated by the system.

On-site reading

All materials held by the library are accessible for on-site reading.

Most books and journals are on open shelves, but for those that are held in closed deposits users must fill in a loan slip and hand it to circulation desk staff together with an ID.

On-site reading material must be returned before closing time.

How to access special resources:


Standard Loans

The duration of standard loans is 15 days.
Loans can be renewed by logging into OneSearch, or by calling personally at the library where the items were borrowed from.

Reservations can be placed uniquely on OneSearch, after logging in and only on books that are out on loan.

Items that do not go out on loan:

  • Reference books
  • Books for which the library has only one copy
  • Graduation and Specialisation theses
  • Antique, rare or valuable materials
  • Journal issues
  • Audiovisuals

If the items searched are not found on OneSearch, it is advisable to look in the print catalogues. Items held by departmental archives can only be borrowed by personnel belonging to the specifc department.

Short and overnight loan

Books marked for short or overnight loan have a red dot on their side cover.
They must be returned by 9.30 am on the next business day.

last update: 06-June-2016
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